The wreck of the gallant Cambria, song

Colm Toland, singing in English
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Ye Irish men both one and all wherever you may be
Rise up your hearts in sorrow and mourn along with me
It’s of our gallant Cambria that was sunk to rise no more
With a hundred and seventy nine on board bound for the Shamrock Shore.

On the fourteenth of October last from New York we set sail
On board our gallant Cambria with a sweet and a pleasant gale
Each heart was glad no one was sad as our vessel she ploughed the foam
For we’d shortly embrace our loving friends down Erin’s lovely shore.

Ten nights ten days we ploughed the sea no danger did we fear
Til at last all off our Irish coast which shortly did appear
Each man and boy did shout with joy our toil and our trouble’s o’er
For we’ll shortly embrace such loving friends down Erin’s lovely shore.

Tis down below all hands did go to wait for the morning light
When a dreadful shock off Scullion Rock filled all our hearts with fright
The passengers all rushed on deck while the stormy seas did roar
And the women’s cries would rend the skies we’re going down to rise no more.

‘Twas fore and aft her our seamen toiled while stormy rose the wind
When instantly four boats were hoised and launched all by her side
Her engine boom and engine room they were all both wrecked and tore
And there’s only the one survivor that ever reached the Shamrock Shore.

Our good ship she was sinking fast not far off Malin Head
When the Reverend Father Brady knelt on her decks and prayed
He prayed that God who ruled the waves their lives to protect and save
But he and his faithful followers met with a watery grave.

Armagh Tyrone and Derry and the county of Donegal
And Leitrim Down does lament full sore for her losses one and all
Sligo Mayo with grief and woe and Galway does deplore
The loss of our gallant Cambria that went down to rise no more.

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