Remember I’m a widow, song

Maggie McGee, singing in English
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As I strolled into a police court not many miles from here
A boy stood on the prisoner’s dock his mother she was near
The boy was but a youngster although had had gone astray
For from his masters cash box he stole some coin away
The boy addressed his honour when the tears rolled down his cheek
Kind gentleman would you allow my mother here to speak
The judge he then consented and the boy hung down his head
And turning to the jury men these words his mother said.

Remember I’m a widow and the prisoner is my son
Kind gentlemen remember it’s the first crime he has done
Don’t send my boy to prison such thoughts would drive me mad
Remember I’m a widow and I’m pleading for my lad.

The prosecuting council at her began to frown
And turned and asked the jury for to make her please sit down
He said it was most … and a gross insult indeed
For his honour to sit on the bench and allow her to proceed
The widow’s eyes then flashed fire and turning deadly pale
Said she kind sir I’m here to try to keep my offspring from the jail
I know the boy is guilty and I know the crime is bad
But who’s the better right to plead than a mother for her lad.

The judge addressed the prisoner these words to him did say
I’m sorry to sit on the bench and see you here today
I know you’re but a youngster but into crime you’ve grown
But never yet can I forget I’ve children of my own
I will therefore then discharge you and the court then gave a cheer
But remember it is chiefly due to your widowed mother here
I hope you prove a comfort no more to make her sad
For she has proved a mother’s love through pleading for her lad.