White, yellow and green, song

  Jimmy Houten, singing in English
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On the Galtimore mountains not far far away
I’ll tell you a story that happened one day
It is of a fair maiden her age was eighteen
She hoisted up her flag white yellow and green.

Oh it’s up to Valery the rebels as well
The independence of Ireland drive England to hell
Release of her prisoners its plain to be seen
Oh this fair maiden’s banner white yellow and green.

A brave English bobby who happened to stray
He spied this fair maid with her banner so gay
With a look and a frown he jumped off his machine
Intending to capture the flag of Sinn Féin.

You won’t get this banner this fair maiden said
For it’s your blood or my blood that’s ebbing to die
I fear not your rifle or nothing so mean
For I’ll die for that banner white yellow and green.

The brave bobby’s face turned as white as the snow
He jumped on his bike and he quickly did go
Oh what would you have from a maid of sixteen
Who would die for that banner white yellow and green.