Welcome home, song

Jim McGonigle (James Eoghain), singing in English
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Sure my mother she stood on the Queenstown Dock
With a handkerchief up to her eyes
And as the big ship it sailed out with the tide
It was then that she began for to cry

Saying my boy here’s a locket I now got for you
And inside it a photograph showing
And these are the words were inscribed on a note
There’ll be no one to say welcome home

No one to say welcome home from far away
Far away o’er the far raging foam
Fatherless, motherless, carelessly I roam
There’ll be no one to say welcome home

‘Tis oft times I think of that little white cot
In old Ireland far o’er the sea
That little white cot at the foot of yon hill
Where my mother stands waiting for me

My boy she is saying you’ve gone far to roam
You have left your poor mother alone
But when you return to that land of your birth
There’ll be no one to say welcome home