The wee trampin’ lass, song

Denis McDaid, singing in English
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One afternoon for to ha' a wee bit stroll
Not thinkin’ of the times gone by ‘til I was past the toll
I weren’t very long gone past the toll when McCafferty’s bridge I passed
But who did you think I chanced to meet but my darling wee trampin’ lass.

Where are you gone oh give me your hand how are you doin’ says I
Hold up your head my bonnie wee lass and dinnae look so shy
Where do you bide oh when where do you stay come tell to me your name
Or would your aul’ father be angry if I were to see you home

So we walked along we chatted about some things called love
Not thinking on the time gone by ‘til the sky got dark above
She threw her aul’ shawl around my head and this to me did say
I think young man it’s getting late it’s time we were away


She said that she was working down in Ramelton Mill
Trampling hanks of yarn and she loved it awful well
She said that she had ten bob a week but that was all on time
Oh what about that my bonnie wee lass sure it’s you will soon be mine


So it’s now this couple’s got married and they’re as happy as can be
With two little bairns by her side and another yin on her knee
As we go out to have a walk not thinking on the past
Not thinking on the night I met my darling wee trampin’ lass