The Urris drowning tragedy, song

Bernard Doherty (Tim), singing in English
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Well come all you true Clonmany men unto me lend an ear
The verse or two I sing to you may cause you shed a tear
It’s all about some fishermen alas I’m sad to say
In sight of their home their boat went down out in Lough Swilly Bay.

It’s with a feeling deeply sad these names I do recall
Brian Duffy and Sean Canny and likewise Patrick Boyle
Two brothers Jack and Michael Friel all in their manhood bloom
Well may their wives and children all mourn their sadly doom.

Brian Duffy was a seaman brave a skipper tried and true
For many years he fished the sea all with his trustful crew
But alas his fishing days are gone he’ll man that boat no more
For she sunk and all nine victims lost where the mighty billows roar.

We grieve for those who’s left to mourn this woeful tragedy
The sisters and the orphans weak a piteous sight to see
The father kind the mother dear who mourns an only son
And the sisters who in silence weep oh God thy will be done.

And may Mary who on Calvary stood by that holy cross
Console the ones that’s lost at sea sustain their dreadful loss
May all the souls that’s lost at sea reach safe that happy shore
To be joined by all their loving friends where parting is no more.

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