The Turfman from Ardee, song

Sean Rodden, singing in English
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For sake of health I took a walk one early morn at dawn
And I met a jolly ould Irishman as he slowly jogged along
A hearty conversation rose between himself and me
That’s how I became acquainted with the Turfman from Ardee.

We walked along together and we talked along the road
Says he I’m getting tired and I’d like to sell this load
For I had no refreshment since I left home at three
And I’m sick and tired of travelling said the Turfman from Ardee.

You know this cart is made out of the very best of wood
And you know it has been on the road since the time of Noah’s flood
The axle never sees greasing only one year out of three
Oh but it’s a grand ould Carrick axle said the Turfman of Ardee.

And now me cart is racked and worn and me ass is getting old
You know its fifty summers since the animal was foaled
The morning I was born was in September eighty three
And he galloped for the midwife said the Turfman from Ardee.

A female voice at last I heard that I knew very well
And she asked this gentle Irishman his load of turf to sell
He took me by the withered hand and he whispered unto me
Oh we’ll meet some other evening said the Turfman from Ardee.