The top of Newry Mountain, song

Jim McGonigle (James Eoghain), singing in English
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Oh I wrote to you Nellie what makes you prove unkind
With a mixture pulled that lily leave that red rose behind
For the lily will fade and the tide will come soon
But the red rose it will flourish in sweet month of June.

Oh Sliabh Geal is a mountain its stands in great fame
At the top of Newry Mountain it bears a great name
For a hunting and grousing and a fowling also
And the best of blueberries on that mountain does grow.

On the top of Newry Mountain a castle does stand
It is bound round with ivy from the top to the brim
It is bound round with ivy and a marble stone bright
It’s a gate to all that savours on a dark winter’s night.

At the foot of Newry Mountain sure the ocean does flow
And the ships that sail on it into Newry will go
Where the green flags are waving and the beating of drums
And of instruments of music and the firing of guns.

Sure if I was an Ivy I would sigh I was home
For there I have a sweetheart but sure here I have none
Kind sweetheart kind sweetheart what makes you prove unkind
That you wait on a young man and not knowing his mind.