Through many lands I’ve rambled, song

Paddy Collins, singing in English
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In many lands I’ve rambled and in many lands I’ve gambled
They tell me I have travelled through the finest spots on earth
But I lately took a notion it’s an Irish man’s devotion
That I cross back o’er the ocean to the land that gave me birth

Foreign men are very witty foreign ladies very pretty
You may like each foreign city from Saint Peter’s port to Rome
But for comfort to get tight in or to have an Irish fight in
Or to court a girl all night in give me a spree at home

The Frenchman he will try to take your life in a decent piece of fighting
He will use the dirty dagger the bowie knife or the rest
But for a friendly salutation or to settle a disputation
There is nothing like the knuckles when you’ve put them to the test

You can argue any matter your opponent’s ribs can batter
Or his nose you can shatter ‘til you wouldn’t know Mick from Pat
But it’s only in good nature that you alter every feature
And a small drop of the cratur saves the friendship after that