The three O’Donnells, song

Paddy Tunney, singing in English
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As I roved out one morning in the merry month of June
As the sun arose on Lough Swilly’s shore and everything in bloom
On a primrose banks as I sat down all by a crystal stream
So deep so deep I fell asleep and I began to dream.

I dreamt I saw a loaded barge going floating down the main
With four and twenty Irish boys to guide her on the stream
It being on her bow stood one young man who soon alarmed me
Rise up rise up your troubled mind for Gráinne’s sons are free.

So it’s when we heard of liberty we let ourselves be known
And were you at that meeting boys that was held in Inishowen?
For it’s long and long since we were bound but now thank God we’re free
And if we ever be bound again we’ll fight for liberty.

Here’s a health to the three O’Donnells they’re a credit to the name
They’re a credit to this country boys for honour for birth and fame.
There were two of them made clergymen all in the church of Rome
Till God himself called one of them unto his heavenly home.

Here’s a health to Father William boys who fought at Waterloo
He fought the French and Spaniards til he made them to subdue
He fought them with his army til he could no longer stand
He was once a bold lieutenant but he’s now our clergyman.