Those wedding bells, song

Ellen Gillespie, singing in English
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A sexton stood one Sabbath morn within a belfry grand
Awaiting signal from the church with a bell rope in his hand
For in that house of worship stood a young and happy pair
To pledge their troth forevermore each other's love to share.

The holy man then spoke these words before you're joined for life
Has any man ought to say against you as man and wife
Then down the aisle there came a man with a quick and eager tread
And pointing to the trembling bride these words he calmly said.

Those wedding bells shall not ring out she is another's bride
I saw her at the altar-rails where we stood there side by side
She says she does not know me know but how can she forget
The village green the village school the place where we first met

And oh how oft in childhood days to school we used to go
And when I grew to man this date she vowed she loved me so.