The forest was covered in bushes

Patsy Judge
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The forest was covered in bushes, song (One night as the moon it shone bright and shone clear …)

Elsewhere this song is known as “The False-hearted lover,” “A week before Easter,” and “The false bride.” It tells the story of a man whose sweetheart marries someone else. The protagonist witnesses the marriage and consummation before announcing that he will die of a broken heart. The text was published as a broadside as early as 1690; it was recorded widely during the 20th century.


Curator's note: The original reel-to-reel was not available for this recording; only a cassette copy with a considerable about of tape hiss. A noise reduction filter was applied to the digital recording in its entirety in order to sharpen the sound. The effect is that the words of the song are much clearer, though there are some digital fragments/echos in the sound.