The cottage by the sea

Jack Mooney
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The cottage by the sea, song (To a little seaside village came a youth one summer's day …)

Jack Mooney learned this song from his mother, Esther (Careen) Mooney, who was originally from Point Lance, Newfoundland.

This song tells the story of a young man who visits a seaside village. He engages in what he thinks is a harmless flirtation with a local woman, leaving her at the end of the summer. He returns a year later when he realises that he loves her, but discovers that she has died of a broken heart. 

This song was recorded as “Just goodbye I am going home,” by American old-time singer-songwriter Roy Harvey on 9 September 1930 (Columbia 15609-D). 


With thanks to RTÉ Sound Archives for their digitisation of the Kenneth Goldstein/Aidan O'Hara Reels.