Terence McSweeney, song

Michael McGonigle (James Eoghain), singing in English
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Dear friends I will tell you a story of a man that is known worldwide
Sure his name it is Terence McSweeney for the love of his country he died
It was in the year nineteen twenty when old Ireland was ruled by the gun
And the strong arm of England fell cruelly on Cork’s most lusty young son.

He was elected Lord Mayor of our city from danger he never did quail
And he fought for the freedom of Ireland and for that he was thrown  into jail
McSweeney would never be beaten imprisoned by body said he
Ah but I am the one will determine when my body and soul shall be free.

Oh my cause is a noble and just one you have no right to imprison me
And if you continue to hold me I will fast until death sets me free
Eleven weeks of starvation he hungered whilst the nation knelt daily in prayer
That the lord may look down in his mercy on Cork city’s heroic Lord Mayor.

Well they brought back his body to Ireland but e’er the clay on his grave settled down
Sure the spirit of Terence McSweeney brought the world’s greatest empire down
May gopd rets you Terence McSweeney and other great men of your time
For we will remember your greatness ‘til the stars will forget how to shine.