Sweet Kingwilliamstown, song

Michael McGonigle (James Eoghain), singing in English
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My bonnie barque bounds light and free across the ocean foam
Which bears me far from Innisfail to seek a foreign home
A lonely exile driven ‘neath misfortune's coldest frown
From my loved home and cherished friends around dear Kingwilliamstown.

Will I no more gaze on that shore or o’er those mountains high
Or stray along Black Water banks I strayed but when a boy
Or watch to the sun o’er Knocknaboul light up the heather brown
Before it flings its farewell beams o'er sweet Kingwilliamstown.

No more upon the deck I stand and watch those fading shores
New thoughts arise within in my heart of the friends I might ne'er see more
Of childhood deeds and pleasant hours whilst fast the tears roll down
Still the thinking of my own dear friends around sweet Kingwilliamstown.

Well I know not yet but I fondly hope where e'er my footsteps roam
New thoughts arise within in my heart of the thoughts and the love of home
So fades the shore and o’er my soul as night falls slowly down
May God be with you motherland farewell Ballydesmond town.