The sweet isle of Doagh, song

James McGonigle, singing in English
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On the rim of the ocean near famed Malin Head
There’s a beautiful spot I was born and bred
Where Strabreaghy’s proud waters does peacefully flow
Past the silvery shores of the sweet Isle of Doagh

Oh the ships as they sail from the east and the west
Can be easily seen from this Eden of rest
And the Donegal exiles who westward do go
Has the last loving glance on sweet Isle of Doagh

How often I’ve tread o’er that sea beaten track
And I spy that fair Isle sure I long to be back
Where in sweet Lagaharry and Ballynabovoe
Oh I spent my young days in the sweet Isle of Doagh.

Oh who has not heard of the great Pollan Strand
Where football and caman is much in demand
Where from Carn Clonmany and Urris they go
To play with the boys from the sweet Isle of Doagh

For peace and for comfort and health giving air
I’m doubtful if Eden herself is more fair
And the hearts of the nation will melt like the snow
Of the strangers that visit the sweet Isle of Doagh.

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