The stately woods of Trugh, song

Michael McGonigle (James Eoghain), singing in English
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From out the stately woods of Trugh McKenna rides at noon
The sunburst shining not a cloud darkened the skies of June
No eye has he for nature's charms sure they don't annoy his brain
Through flowery pines he takes his way and never draws a rein.

Before him stands a tall grey tower of Glaslough castle old
There in it stands his own true love more dear to him than gold
There in it dwells his own true love his gentle young Maureen
Whom he hopes one day will bless his home in the woods of Trugh so green.

I have come to say goodbye to you for tomorrow I must go
With my brave yeomen to Benburb going to defend Owen Roe
I‘ve come to look you in the eye and hear your answer sweet
For if fighting in the battle fall sure we never more may meet.

Go forth my love my blessings go and smite the hardened foe
And I'll be your bride when you return without another word
And with a fond embrace they bid adieu as the evening sun went down
Behind the trickley wooded hills that overlooks Glaslough town.

McKenna lightly mounts his steed on the twilight of the eve
And it heads him over Davlagh Hills through Trugh's green shady glens
That night he met his true men on the hills of sweet Tyrone
Likewise the army of the north likewise fearless Owen.

O'Neill now he was pleased to see this hardy mountaineer
Who kept the Saxon wolves at bay for many’s the weary year
And well they fought on Benburb's plains as the evening sun went down
And a few that night escaped them to Carrickfergus town.

When Autumn gold lies in the woods and the berries ripe and red
McKenna and his own true love in Glaslough church were wed
And never in her father's hall a fairer bride was seen
Than McKenna's only daughter his darling young Maureen.