The sow pig, song

Paddy McCallion, singing in English
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On the twelfth day of August nineteen hundred and nine
John proceeded to Derry by the Lough Swilly Line
Glengollan was honoured when John returned back
As pround as a prince with a pig in a sack.

Now this pig from beginning was the pride of John’s heart
Day or night from her side you couldn’t get him to part
Nor from his duty towards her he never did flinch
Till he proudly escorted her to Marshall’s of Inch.

Now for poor John there seemed to be trouble in store
For three nights without sleep he lay stretched on the floor
With the hurry and burry and he fixed up some strong wine
Poor John forgot to put down the sow’s time.

On the Good Friday evening the hour being eight
The sow she took sick and the excitement was great
Poor John he approached her as she lay stretched on the floor
But the sow let a grunt and John made for the door.

Then up steps Manassie with a rake in her hand
To rescue these young ones she fought like a man
But her courage soon failed her when she thought of her fate
And right o’er the partition she was seen to retreat.

John watched the proceedings with a tear in his eye
When all could be done was to just sob and sigh
Another bold effort was made by McLean
But the sow let a grunt and she conquered again.

Now to see such a crowd round a pig was a sight
There was Patton John Mitchell Manassie and Knight
The cook from the kitchen was there to the fore
Not forgetting Joe Walker from Crislamore.

But all ended well and for in a short time
The sow she produced a fine litter of nine
And the cook then suggested before going away
Would you all kindly join me in buns and some tae.

So now I must conclude and finish my song
I hope I can’t tread on your patience too long
For on a cold winter’s night when the fire’s warm and big
You will hear of John Walker and his famous sow pig.