The sons of Grainne, song

Jimmy Houten, singing in English
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You sons of true ould Gráinne Mhaol I hope you may attend
I hubly ask your pardon to these few lines I end
Since I being forced for banishment no shelter could I screen
Because I was an upright man and wore the shamrock green.

Was in the County of Tyrone I spent my youthful days
It was the songs of those men with them could not grieve
I always proved myself a man while at my native home
Against the foe we did uphold the holy church of Rome.

When to the fair of Carlow these tyrants they did go
The holy temple of our Lord they swore they‘d pull it down
Where is the priest or papish there at ...

The news went round to be prepared no cowardice did show
Like sons of blessed Patrick the foes we did defy
We cut them down before us like corn in the field
We gave three cheers long live the pope and poor ould Gráinne Mhaol.

Its true we being arrested by the constabulary
Our comrades fought that very night alone to set us free
That very night they took our leave perhaps to not see more
Long may they live for to protect the holy church of Rome.