The signing of the papers, song

Dan McGonigle, singing in English
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At the signing of the papers all the soldiers prepared to go
The Irish boys have likely pipers to lead them down the lowlands low
If I’d a thousand cows for my dearie tis for you their milk would flow
If you’d stay at home and make me your own in the county of Mayo

As I lie awake in the night time my mind is full of fear
When I rise up with the daybreak my only prayer is a bitter tear
They have … like the water from the weir
And with grief for you my sweetheart I will not live another year

As I wander sad and lonely along the stony roads we trod
I feel again the pain you gave me it’s just one … fine fair hair
Like a lump of coal my heart has hardened …
But if another girl gained your favour I pray the graveyard may be her bed

Every thought I think about you tears my heart like a thorny briar
Every memory of your cruelty consumes my mind like a burning fire
But if the night time could last a life time to lie beside you would be my desire
But my dear if you disown me may you die without priest or friar

I’m a poor abandoned orphan for my misfortune I am not to blame
But my poverty would never bother me if I kept my honour and good name
Any man who would get me in trouble or double cross me this day
He could never enter heaven for to be forgiven is …

Oh I envy the singing bird flying to him from her nest
Making music with the mate she chooses and sharing with him her perch of rest
Oh I wish my dear were with me here and lay his weary head upon my breast
But when the sun shines high in my darling’s sky I see it sinking in the west