The shores of Lough Bran, song

Mary Gill, singing in English
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Sit ye down loyal comrades sit ye down for a while
While I spend my last hours around Erin’s green isle
Come fill up your glasses and we’ll drink hand to hand
For tomorrow I’ll be leaving the Shores of Lough Bran

On the incoming morning I will be bid them adieu
To Leitrim Drumshambo and old Carrick too
But no matter what fortune I may meet on my way
My thoughts will be with you wherever I stray

Never more will I ramble ‘round Farnham’s green hill
Or the place I love fondest down by the old mill
Or yon green fertile valleys where so often I ran
To inhale the sweet breezes ‘round the Shores of Lough Bran

There’s my father and mother and to hear their sad cry
And to see them lamenting it would moisten your eye
But please God I’ll will assist them whenever I can
Far away from lovely Leitrim and the Shores of Lough Bran