Shores of Lough Bran, song

Cornelius McEleney, singing in English
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Sit you down, loyal comrades, sit you down for a while
While I spend my last hours 'round Erin's Green Isle
Come fill up your glasses and we'll drink hand to hand
For tomorrow I’m leaving my home on Lough Bran

There's my father and mother I can hear their last cry
And the tears they are shedding still moisten my eye
But I will assist them, please God, if I can
Far away from lovely Leitrim and the shores of Lough Bran

There were thousands among you who all had to roam
By the laws of coercion you were driven from home
By the laws of coercion were the seeds of the plan
For to drive your sons roaming from the shores of Lough Bran

Now more will I ramble round Farnagh’s green hills
For the place I love dearest was that pond by the mill
On your green fertile valleys where so often I ran
To inhale the fresh breezes on the shores of Lough Bran

On the oncoming morning I will bid you adieu,
To Leitrim, Drumshanboe and sweet Carrick too
But no matter what fortune I meet on my way
Sure my thoughts will be with you by night and by day.

My thoughts shall be with you while life's course is banned
Far away from lovely Leitrim on shores of Lough Bran