The shirt I left behind, song

Jimmy Grant, singing in English
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I’m tattered and torn and I’m all forlorn and I’m looking out for lodgings
For I cannot stick auld Dan McCann and his dirty style of dodging
Says I McCann look here my man in your house no more you’ll find me
So I bundled up my bits of rags but I left my shirt behind me.

The very next day I went away I thought no more about it
For I knew right well if I went to hell I could work right well without it
Next day McCann sent round Roseanne his daughter to remind me
For heaven’s sake come back and take that shirt you left behind you.

That very night I got a bit tight I gave McCann and thumpin‘
And when I reached the corner house sure my heart began a thumpin‘
‘Twas there I espied an awful sight a sight that nearly blinded me
What did I meet coming down the street but the shirt I left behind me.

I was very quick and I seized a brick and I hit the object sideways
Little I knew young Rose McCann was walking right inside it
The very next day at the police court the magistrate did fine me
‘Twas all ten quid for the killing of a kid in the shirt I left behind me.