The sailor’s sea chest, song

Brian Mullen,singing in English
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It’s of a jolly sailor in this city he did dwell
He had a handsome wife but she loved a tailor well
Tor-a-naddy fol-de-dee

She says this very night you must come and lie with me
For my husband’s off to China for to buy and sell his tea
Tor-a-naddy fol-de-dee

Now they hadn’t long been courting by the tolling of the clock
When down at the hall door there came an awful knock
Tor-a-naddy fol-de-dee

Oh where now will I run to and where now will I hide
Get in my husband’s sea chest that lies at the bed side
Tor-a-naddy fol-de-dee

She went down the stairs and she opened up the door
And there stood her husband and five sailors more
Tor-a-naddy fol-de-dee

She took him in her arms and she gave him kisses three
Saying husband dear husband what brings you back to me
Tor-a-naddy fol-de-dee

Well it isn’t for to rob you or disturb you from your rest
But I cannot go to sea for the want of my big chest
Tor-a-naddy fol-de-dee

Well the sailors they were stout and the sailors they were strong
They lifted up the chest and they carried it along
Tor-a-naddy fol-de-dee

They hadn’t got as far as a mile out of the town
That the chest it got so heavy that they had to leave it down
Tor-a-naddy fol-de-dee

One of these sailor boys he turns on to the rest
And he says what is this that is kicking in the chest
Tor-a-naddy fol-de-dee

He took the key out of his pocket and he opened up the chest
And there was the tailor like a blackbird on her nest
Tor-a-naddy fol-de-dee

Will we take him off to China will we sell him off for tea
Will we leave him in old Ireland to rear a family
Tor-a-naddy fol-de-dee

Well they took him off to China and they sold him off for tea
And he made a good supply for the whole ship’s company
Tor-a-naddy fol-de-dee

So come all you jolly tailors and a warning take by me
And never hides in a sea chest or you might get sold for tea
Tor-a-naddy fol-de-dee