The sailor and the farmer’s daughter, song

Jimmy Houten, singing in English
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A sailor courted a farmer’s daughter that lived convenient to the Isle of Mann
The sailor courting and still discoursing concerning things of the ocean wide
Says she my darling at our very next meeting if you consent I’ll make you my bride

It is for sailors we don’t admire it’s for they sail to so many parts
The more we love them the more they slight us and oft times leaves us with broken hearts
Oh dear oh dear say now don’t be foolish I don’t intend for to treat you so
I have one small trip to cross the ocean you know my darling that I must go

The news being carried unto his mother before he put aye one foot aboard
That he was courting a farmer’s daughter a penny potion could not afford
A penny potion goes to the ocean like one distraction to beat a drum
If you displease her I mean to raise her let you disown me to be your son

Oh mother mother you are in a fashion and I am sorry for what you said
Do you remember your first beginning my father married you a servant maid
Oh this young maiden being standing closely just listening to these hard words and woe
And for my fortune she might never mind it I mind have money no one to know

Oh money or not love you are my lot love you have my heart and affection still
If she displeased you I mean to raise you let my scolding mother say what she will