The rose of Glenfin, song

Corney McDaid, singing in English
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There dwells a fair female in Magherafin
Her name it is Molly and her praises I’ll sing
She is comely neat and handsome with snowy-white skin
She’s the blazing star of armour or the Rose of Glenfin.

Her long flowing locks fall in ringlets so fair
Her sparkling blue eyes with the stars can compare
She moves with the ease of the bird on the wing
And her voice is more pleasing than the sweet lark in spring.

When she rises in the morning to the garden she will go
She will pull all those lilies far whiter than snow
She will pull all those lilies leave the red rose to bloom
For the lilies will wither and the thyme will come soon.

When we met lovely Molly you set my heart aflame
You soon won my affection when e’re I heard your name
And the hour s we spend together those I’ll never forget
But it’s when you turned from me that’s the time I’ll regret.

Don’t you mind lovely Molly when you gave me your hand
And swore on the bible that you would be mine
But it’s now you’ve gone and married and you broke all those vows
I am sorry for to leave you fare you well a stór mo chroí.

My curse I’ll give daily to any young man
Who’d shower on any woman too much affection
For they’ll sit and drink with you till your money’s all done
And then they’re away from you with some other man’s son.

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