The rattling railway boy, song

Charlie McGonigle (James Eoghain), singing in English
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Sure my age being two and twenty my liberty I got
My parents oft times told me to go and seek my lot
I rambled around from town to town in search of some employ
I can hack pick pack and shovel I’m a rattling railway boy

Now yet in all my travels sure I never cared for the great
For in my pocket handkerchief I carried my whole estate
I’ve got money in my pocket to drink whiskey when I’m dry
And to travel I am no stranger I’m a rattling railway boy

It’s when I would meet a comely girl as plain as you can see
I always had the impetus to place her on my knee
I would kiss her and embrace her till with me would comply
I’d say my love why don’t you love a rattling railway boy

She gave consent away we went to the priest-house the next morn
He took out his big bible and he joined us both in one
I lived with her that winter great comfort and with joy
The first of May I went away a rattling railway boy

Sure it’s now he had gone and left me his vows they are all broke
My mother always told me at best he was a rogue
But I have one consolation I can sit down and cry
And whisper in my baby’s ear your daddy’s a railway boy