The pride of Moville, song

Jim MacFarland, singing in English
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In the year of eighteen hundred being in the month of June
When flowers in the garden and roses in full bloom
Our gallant ship Rebecca as she sailed down that day
She sailed down form Derry Town bound for Americay

There was a young man on her deck his age being twenty one
His home and habitation lies near to Bellalin
His height is five foot eleven well tipped from top to toe
He’s a credit to his parents dear no matter where he goes

He has a sweetheart in Moville and her he does love dear
And when he thinks on parting he does shed many a tear
When he thinks on separation it grieves his heart full sore
Saying adieu my lovely Marjorie will I never see you more

When you arrive on the other side your friends will meet you all
They will take you to an alehouse the likes you ne’er would recall
They’ll sit and they’ll drink with you your sorrows for to drown
And you’ll think no more on Erin’s shore nor the pride of Moville town

Ah Marjorie lovely Marjorie on me you can depend
To fulfil the promise that I made and passage to you send
To fulfil the promise that I made and that without delay
And bring you o’er in splendour all to Americay

Oh Marjorie lovely Marjorie oh I could cry my fill
When I think on the pleasant evenings we spent around Moville
Out with the boys and girls on a Sunday afternoon
Well it’s joy content the times we spent down in John Carlon’s Room

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