Pollan Bay, song

Joe Doherty (Denery), singing in English
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It’s the many the long and dreary year since I wandered from my home
But I often dream I’m back in again in my own dear Inishowen
In that fond dream I have a gleam of many the happy day
When the clear blue sky reflects from high on my own dear Pollan Bay.

I thought I stood on Scian top where I’ve often stood before
As the evening sun sank gently down behind Glashedy shore
And as I viewed my native place amongst these golden rays
I breathed a sigh for the Isle with pride and my own dear Pollan Bay.

... in majestic mood the sights my childhood loved
As barefoot light both day and night in boyhood free I’d roam
Sure the strand lies there beyond compare each house and farm too
That  makes the braes and well worn ways  of my own dear Pollan Bay.

Beneath my view mid waters I saw far Tully isle
In the silvery strands of Tullagh strand it’s on me seemed to smile
In Binnion hill where time stands still yet spans the Atlantic way
That dashes wild along its side and falls in Pollan Bay.

It’s then my gaze did wander to Malin’s rugged shore
To the cliffs of Knockamany that guard that lonesome shore
To the bends of Carrigabraghy where in my youth I’d stray
To watch the foams and billows roll as they Pollan Bay.

I saw the house where I was born at the castles by the sea
With its golden thatch and white washed walls it was a home to me
But I left this place in hopes to trace my fortune far away
Still kept the happy memories of my own dear Pollan Bay.

It’s now my dream is fading as the sun sinks gently down
And I know that I’ll awake again in a far off stranger’s town
But I pray to God that to this sod I may return one day
To live in peace and happiness beside you Pollan Bay.