The Poet Hugh, song

Paddy Collins, singing in English
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He was a man fond of the singing
And he could write good strong verses too
The songs he wrote told vivid stories
Of the life and times of the Poet Hugh

He had a keen fine sense of humour
And the words he used made it shine through
It was blended with shrewd observations
That was the magic of the Poet Hugh

He made a song on Mr Stansfield
Who pulled his teeth and gave him news
It turned out to be a grand creation
The best composed by the Poet Hugh

He described a hunt at Stranafilly
Where he met the lass with one eye of blue
With one leg longer than the other
Still he fell in love the Poet Hugh

There was a mighty tug-of-war team
That he had coached and brought to Belcoo
There they defeated all before them
And he sung their praises the Poet Hugh

Were I to describe all the songs he’s written
I would be singing too long to you
But come back again and if you listen
I’ll sing you a song by the Poet Hugh

Oh he was hardy and energetic
And kept on going till ninety two
And this hard world lost something special
When he departed the Poet Hugh