Peter Crowley, song

Michael Devlin (Mack), singing in English
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As I rambled out one evening being in the month of June
I strayed into an orchard yard to view a noble tomb
I overheard an old man say as the tears rolled from his eyes
‘Tis ‘neath that cold cold clay today poor Peter Crowley lies.

The grave where Peter Crowley lies o'er it the grass grows green
And underneath poor Peter sleeps because he loved the Green
It grieves my heart to see you there a hero once in bloom
But untimely death has brought you here to fill a silent tomb.

Crowley oh Crowley come tell to me the truth
Who went along that night with you to Kilclooney's lonely wood
Who stood beside that good old oak and fired the signal gun
Who fought and died for Ireland's right 'twas Crowley’s only son.

So fare ye well young Crowley and fare ye well again
'Tis many a mile we’ve shouldered you through stir a man through rain
'Tis many the mile we shouldered you a choisle geal mo chro
Because you were a Fenian boy and died for liberty.