Patrick Reilly, song

Jim McGonigle (James Eoghain), singing in English
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Oh my name is Patrick Reilly the truth I will make known
I was born and reared in Clones near the county of Tyrone
My parents they reared me tenderly they having no child but me
And at length I took a notion I would cross the raging sea.

But alas I had a sweetheart McCormack was her name
When she heard we were for parting straight away to me she came
Saying Pat can this be possible you’re going to prove unkind
Aye and leave me here broken hearted in sorrow far behind.

Dear Anne I said be not afraid it’s you I do adore
My daily thoughts shall be on you while on Columbia’s shore
And when I do return again if God spares me my life
Here is my hand and promise I’ll make you my sweet wife.

With this she seemed contented and home straight away she went
But early the next morning to the captain Pilate went
She swore that I waylaid her and robbed her of five pounds
And tried to force her to a pool that she might soon be drowned.

Oh the police then surrounded me as you might understand
They marched me off to Lifford jail by a magistrate’s command
It’s there I lay in irons bound until my trail day
But little was my notion she’d swear my life away.

On the twenty first day of July my trial it took place
This maid being void of scripture for all that she did swear
She swore that I waylaid her and used her embarrassingly
Aye and robbed her of her purse of gold with proved my destiny.

Oh the judge then charged the jury with words that were severe
Saying this maid must now be rectified for all that she did swear
The jury gave their verdict as loud as judge did cry
For your cruelty unto this maid young Reilly you must die.

When I received the sentence the tears my eyes did blind
Thinking to leave my mother and me being her only child
And her being so advanced in years and having no child but me
How would she stand to see her son die on the gallows tree.