Patrick O’Donnell, song

Pat Mulhern, singing in English
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You true-hearted sons of old Gráinne
I pray pay attention to my song
It’s only a few simple verses
I don’t mean to keep you too long
Concerning that hero O’Donnell
In the Melrose Castle set sail
In company with informer James Carey
A traitor to old Gráinne Mhaol

The kept in close company together
Until they had just reached the Cape
Then the thought struck the gallant O’Donnell
That he Irish vengeance would take
His pistol he quickly got ready
Without any further delay
To the heart of the notorious villain
The contents he quickly did lay

The news then went round to the captain
Of a murder committed on board
The captain along with some others
Of O’Donnell they quickly took hold
They bound him confound him in irons
Far away from his own native land
And next they conveyed him to England
The murder of Carey to stand

On the morning of the investigation
O’Donnell was placed in the dock
The question was asked is he guilty
They quickly did answer I’m not
There were a few witnesses examined
But the case they did quickly reply
The defence of young Patrick O’Donnell
The news it is not very bright

God prosper our Irish-Americans
That now dwell far over the sea
They rise in defence for O’Donnell
To set him at his liberty
They’re sending a lawyer to England
That the hair of his head may not fall
For he is a true son of old Gráinne
And a native of Old Donegal

Brought up in a beautiful county
Near to a place called Dunloe
Where he has got friends and relations
It’s a pity of them you may know
I think of his parents and brother
As a criminal in court he will stand
To be charged with the murder of Carey
A traitor to old Ireland

And now to conclude and finish
My pen I do mean to lay down
God bless you dear Patrick O’Donnell
As you face the stern judge of the Crown
Your brave deed will not be forgotten
By those who cherish sweet liberty
God grant you a fair trial and freedom
And a pardon in your own country

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