Pat Maguire, song

Denis McDaid and Jimmy Houten, singing in English
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All yous that’s at your liberty I hope you will draw near
And likewise pay attention to these few lines I hear
I am here alone far from my home with sorrow I deplore
Both night and day I mourn away since I left the shamrock shore.

It was my cruel landlord that I might blame for all
He took from me my farm of land although it was but small
I paid my rent and taxes he sent me out to roam
To seek for some employment far from my native home.

The day of the eviction it was a dreadful sight
To see us all behind the ditch on a stormy winters night
My mother and my father they died the following day
As soon as they were buried I swore without delay.

If I knew the man that took my land or proved my father’s down fall
We’d both shake hands before we’d die and that would end it all.

I was not far upon my way when I chanced to look behind
A police man pursued me on a horse more swift than wind
Oh stand your ground young man says he you can’t escape from me
For I swear I saw you shoot that a man from behind that thon tall oak tree.

I told him how he used us all to the open field
I told him he concluded us with a heart more hard than steel
I told for to pass me by but that he would not do
So I gave three cheers for liberty and I boldly shot him too.

My name is Pat Maguire I’m a shoemaker by trade
I’m one of Molly’s darling sons that never was afraid
If every man in Paddy’s land would do the same as me
Without landlord sheriff or bailiff boys old Ireland would be free

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