The Paisley Officer, song

Frank McKenna, speech in English, singing in English
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In blithe and bonnie Scotland where blue bells do grow
There dwelt a comely maiden fair in yonder valley low
And all day long she tends her flocks upon the banks of Clyde
Although her lot in life was low she was the village pride.

An officer from Paisley town came out to fowl one day
He wandered by yon lowland glen where Mary’s cottage lay
And many he came that way and many a visit he paid
Until at length he gained the heart of that fair village maid.

One day he came to Mary and his face was dark with woe
He says My dearest Mary it’s from you I must go
Our regiment has got its route so therefore I must yield
I must forsake these lowland glens for India’s burning field.

Oh Henry dearest Henry from you I cannot part
You may take me as your wedded wife you know you’ve won my heart
And for to go along with you which is my chief desire
Then as your servant I will go dressed up in men’s attire.

They both went into Paisley town and much was wondered there
To see the young recruit he brought so shy genteel and fair
The girls all did admire her as she went on parade
But little they knew a soldier’s coat concealed so fair a maid.

Then they sailed o’er to India’s shore crossed o’er the burning sand
No tongue can tell what Mary bore on India’s reckless land
And when at length her strength gave way her woe she strove to hide
And smiling looking all around her spied Henry by her side.

Twas then her lover was cut down a ball passed through his side
He never from his colours moved but where he fell he died
She lifted him from his bloody gore and in her arms she pressed
And as she strove to heal his wounds a ball passed through her breast.

In far off India’s distant shore beneath a burning sky
Far from their own dear native land this youthful couple lie
In life they were united and in death they are the same
Although that now their blood runs cold it mingles in one stream.

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