Paddy stole the rope, song

Jimmy Grant, singing in English
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There were once two labouring Irishmen from Ireland did sail o’er
They tramped about in search of work from Liverpool and Dover
Says Pat to Mike we’re tired of this we’re now left in the lurch
And if we don’t get to work bedad we’ll go and rob the church.

To rob a church said Mick to Pat how could you be so vile
For something it might happen us when going up the aisle
But if you do I’ll go with you we’ll get safe out we hope
Come listen till I tell you now how Paddy stole the rope.

They broke into a country church where nobody was minding
They searched about and soon found out where treasure it was hiding
They scrambled together all they could and then prepared to elope
When hold on says pat to Mick what will we do without a rope.

We have got the bag to hold the swag so then they went outside
With something strong and stout my boy this bundle must be tied
Just then they heard the churchbell ring and as fast as an antelope
They scrambled up the belfry high to go and steal the rope.

When going up the belfry high by jakers said he stop
For to get a piece that’s long enough we must climb to the top
So be handed by one arm and leg and he pulled his claspknife out
Right above his head and hand he cut the rope quite stout.

He quite forgot what held him up but by the holy poke
Down to the bottom of the church fell Paddy and the rope
Says Mick to pat as he lay on the ground twisting and agroaning
If that’s the way you steal a rope no wonder that you’re moaning.

I’ll show you how to steal a rope now pray lend me your knife
When cries out Pat be careful Mike or else you’ll lose your life
Then Mick bounced up the rope just like an agile thief
Instead of cutting the rope above he cut it underneath.

The piece fell down and Mick was left to swing up there on high
Come down says Pat I cant says Mick for if I drop I’ll die
The nosie soon brought the bailiff the seargant and police
And the more they set poor Mick at ease the pair got no relief.

They brough them to the station to the judge they did explain
He sentenced them to six months hard which caused them much pain
And in the dark and dreary jail their conduct they do rue
For if they hadn’t work enough at first they have plenty now to do.