Old Glenfin, song

Charlie McGonigle (James Eoghain), singing in English
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With tears and smiles I leave my home not far from old Glenfin
With a heavy pack I journey back to that land of toil and din
I leave behind some kind old friends I hope I’ll see again
Out into this wide old world my heart does break with pain.

I say farewell to all at home as neighbours gather round
They’re all here today to make me stay in this land of famed renown
But Uncle Sam he has called to me that’s why I cannot stay
One last look back at my old turf stack takes back memories of that day.

I say farewell to Leitir Breag not far from Brocagh corner
At yon far ridge is the railway bridge and yon hill I adore her
The sights and views of old Glenfin they are known far and wide
It’s in England and America her aids ...

Past old Glenmore beneath the trees not far from douey school
At Micho’s big shop we make a stop where farmers sell their wool
The fields are green around this wild scene not far from Carberry’s brae
And straight ahead to the next big bend is the smoke of Ballybofey.

It’s new sad memories I do part for those I found so true
And shop ‘twas there I bought all the things so grand and new
And when times seemed long in this wee town and the road bus overdue
It is to the Church a prayer to say we had ample time I knew.

So now I bid adieu to all as I leave old Erin’s isle
I hope someday not far away I’ll come back and spend a while
It is to New York I am off to work that land of happy dreams
But I would rather be among the heather where the sun shines down its beams.