Old Arboe, song

Mick McIlhenney, singing in English
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Fare ye well my native green clad hills fare ye well ye shamrock plain
Ye verdant banks of sweet Lough Neagh and your silvery winding streams
Although far from my home from old Tyrone where far from you I've strayed
I adore you Killacolpy where I spent my childhood days.

Will I ever roam by Belmount grove or Carnan's lofty hills
Or hear again the fairy tale of the rath beside the mill
Will I e'er behold Shane's Castle bold or gaze on Mazzereene
Will my cot e're land on the banks of the Bann Coney Island or Roskeen.

My friends out here in America have all that their hearts desire
Their pockets filled with dollar bills and all dressed in grand attire
But they’d give it all for one country ball and again to see the old hearth stone
In a cabin near Lough Neagh so dear in my own dear native home.

And but alas long years have passed since I saw that beauteous isle
May plenty bloom from the Bann to Toome where the verdant shamrocks grow
Green o’er my graves near Lough Neagh's waves near the ould cross of Arboe.

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