North America, song

Packie McGonigle, singing in English
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You lovers all both great and small that came from Ireland
I only ask your pardon while ‘til these few line I pen
It was my father's cruelty that caused me for to roam
‘Til I became a stranger far from my Irish home

My father was a gentleman a man of high renown
His home and habitation lies near Enniskillen town
I being his only daughter from him I stole away
All for the sake of a laddy sent to the north of Americay

My love is a nice young boy I gave to him my heart
And little was our notion that ever we would part
Down in my father's garden where flowers do decay
In hopes that they will bloom again in the lovely month of May

One night as he sat silent I made good use of time
Five hundred pounds I stole from him as he sat drinking wine
I then went down to Belfast town my passage for to pay
I then embarked on a white star line to the north of Americay

The captain's lady being on board as you may understand
She took me into her cabin room ‘til the ship came to land
When we arrived at Quebec and standing on the quay
Sure I knew not where to find my love in the north of Americay

Being tired and weary walking I came to a hotel
Was there I saw my Willie he’s the lad I do love well
He handed me a letter and as to me did say
I never thought I would see your face in the north of Americay

So now this couple’s married as you may understand
And they live quite happy in a town they call St. John
Her father’s gold she stole away she owes five hundred pound
She bid farewell to all her friends and Enniskillen town