Noreen Bawn, song

Cornelius McEleney, singing in English
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There's a glen in old Tír Connal, there's a wee house in the glen,
Where there once dwelt a maiden, who inspired the hearts of men.
She was gentle, hale and hearty, shy and graceful as the fawn,
And the neighbor’s loved the widow’s handsome laughing Noreen Bawn

Then one day there came a letter, with her passage paid to go,
To a land where long Missouri, and the Mississippi flow,
Soon she had her things all ready and one morning at the dawn
A poor widow broken hearted, parted with young Noreen Bawn

Many years this widow waited, till one morning to her door,
Came a lonely little maiden, costly were the robes she wore,
Saying “Mother, don't you know me? Sure,  I've only caught a cold”
But the scarlet spots upon her cheeks, alas the story told

There's a graveyard in Tír Connell, where the flowers wildly wave
There's a grey haired women weeping, lonely kneeling on a grave
Oh my darling she is saying, I am lonely since you’re gone
Was the curse of emigration, left you here, my Noreen Bawn

Irish youths and gentle maidens, ponder well before you go
From your humble homes in Ireland, what’s beyond you never know
What’s the use in gold or silver, when your health and strength is gone
When you think of emigrating, think of poor young Noreen Bawn