The New Year in, song

Roseanne McGonigle (Gillespie), singing in English
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It‘s ten weary years since I left my old home in a far distant country to roam
Soon I hope to return to my own native place to my friends and the old folks at home
Last night as I slumbered I had a strange dream ‘twas a dream that brought distant friends near
I saw dear old Ireland her valleys and dells to the heart of her sons ever dear.

I saw the old homesteads and faces I loved I saw Ireland’s valleys and dells
I listened with joy as I did when a boy to the sound of the old villlage bells
The logs were burning brightly it was a night that should banish all sin
For the bells were ringing the old year out and the new year in.

While the joy bells were ringing I winded my way to the cot where I lived as a boy
I stood by the window yes there by the fire sat my parents my heart filled with joy
The tears trickled down my burrowed cheeks as I gazed on my mother dear
For I knew in my heart she was saying a prayer for the son that she dreamt that was near.


At the door of the cottage we met face to face it was the first time in ten weary years
Soon the past was forgotten we stood hand in hand father mother and wanderer in tears
So now in my old home happy at last I promise no more will I roam
I sit in that old vacant chair by the fire and sing that old song home sweet home.