Napoleon Bonaparte, song

Paddy Collins, singing in English
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Farewell you splendid citadel metropolis called Paris
Where Phoebus every morning shoots refulgent beams
Where Flora's bright aurora advancing from the orient
With radiant light adorning the pure shining streams.

At eve when Saturn does retire whilst the ocean gilds like fire
And the universe admires her merchandise and store
Commanding Flora's fragrance the fertile fields to decorate
To illuminate the royal Corsican again on the French shore.

My name’s Napoleon Bonaparte the conqueror of nations
I’ve conquered German legions and I’ve drove Kings from the throne
I’ve trampled Dukes and Earls and splendid congregations
Though now they have transported me to Saint Helena's shore.

Some say the causes of my downfall were parting from my consort
To wed a German's daughter who wounded my heart sore
But the female strain I ne’er could blame for she did never me disdain
She saw my sword in battle flame and did me adore.

And now I severely feel the rod for meddling with the house of God
Kind and golden images in thousands away I tore
I stole Malta's golden gates I did the work of God disgrace
But did he give me time and place to it back I would restore.

I never fled without revenge nor to the allied army cringe
But now my sword is sheath and Paris is no more.