Nancy Bell, song

Colm Toland, singing in English
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Ah sailor and his own true love one day went for a walk
To view the scenes and valleys green and to have a little talk
To view the scenes and valleys green as the lark he sang on high
Ah it was so nice and pleasant for to hear the young ones sigh.

Every sigh that Nancy took it was for her Jimmy dear
As down her red and rosey cheek ran many’s the sorrowful tear
Crying Jimmy lovely Jimmy I am sorry to complain
But your bound for the West Indies never to return again.

Ah Nancy lovely Nancy it grieves my heart full sore
But the leaving of your company it grieves me ten times more
Let me parents say whatever they may I’ll never change me mind
So meet me here my sweetheart dear may the weather be dull or fine.

She took a ring from her finger and placed it on his right hand
Saying take this ring O Jimmy dear as a token of true love
Take this ring O Jimmy dear and wear it on your right hand
‘Twill keep you in mind of a broken heart when in a foreign land.

Early next morning the ship it went down to sail
Down the Foyle and away she went with a pleasant Irish gale
Down the Foyle and away she went the weather it being fine
Was there I took a last fond look at the girl I left behind.

Farewell to Ballyshannon town my own my native home
And twice farewell to my own dear girl that I leave so far behind
If ever I return again and perhaps someday I will
‘Tis her I’ll make my own sweet bride my charming Nancy Bell.