My lovely Irish rose, song

Kathleen McGonigle, singing in English
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A winding river winds its way close to an Irish home
To mingle with Trabreega Bay where flows the waters foam
‘Twas on a spot close to the cot where the river gently flows
That I bid farewell to my own dear girl my lovely Irish rose.

Oh Carn fair beyond compare I never will forget
Oh Carn fair beyond compare I think I see it yet
From Moville Bay we sailed away just as the evening close
And I waved my hand to the dear old land and my lovely Irish rose.

The strangers‘ land is fair to see the strangers too are kind
But sure there’s none I can compare with the girl I left behind
I’d rather stray by old Mill Brae where sweet the green grass grows
On a summer’s night with my heart’s delight my lovely Irish rose.

Oh Mary dear I’m lonely here I miss you all the while
I miss your loving words of cheer and I miss your Irish smile
Before I go to bed this night before my eyes I close
I pray that God may guide you right my lovely Irish rose.

A winding river ends its course near to an Irish home
It flows straight by a cottage far away in Irishowen
And in that lovely cottage lives the girl I used to know
The nicest girl in Donegal my lovely Irish rose.

America is far away where the Mississippi flows
And Carn town lies far away where the winding river flows
I will bid goodbye to Ireland and then my eyes I’ll close
And I’ll think of those many happy days spent with my Irish rose.

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