My charming blue eyed Mary, song

John McDaid, singing in English
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As I roved out on a bright May day the flowers they were springing
I met a maid all on my way and she was sweetly singing
Where are you going my pretty maid in the summer’s morning early
Kind sir I’m going to milk my cows and then to mind my dairy.

Can I go along with you fair maid she answered me genteelly
Just as you like kind sir,  replied the charming blue eyed Mary
As we walked o’er yon meadows braes the flowers they were springing
As we sat down on yon mossy bank the skylark she was singing.

Down on a primrose bank we lay och no one there was breathing
It was there I kissed the rosy lips of the charming blue eyed Mary
Once more I kissed the rosy lips when this to her had spoken
Here’s a diamond ring I want to give you and keep it as a token.

Six long months being past and gone no letter came to Mary
And many’s the time she viewed the ring as she stood in her dairy
As she walked o’er yon flowery field on a Monday morning early
A bold sea man stepped up to her the charming blue eyed Mary.

It is now I have come from sea to you forsake you cows and dairy
And it’s come away along with me my charming blue eyed Mary
It’s come away without delay forsake your cows and dairy,
And now he’s made a captain’s bride of his charming blue eyed Mary.