My brother’s a TD, song

Corney McDaid, singing in English
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It was at the last election boys my brother he got in
He was always fond of politics a seat we knew he'd win
The neighbours all the country 'round the farmers big and small
Will hurrup for my twin brother he's a member of the Dáil.

My brother he is a TD me boys my brother he is a TD
He got me mother the pension and she's only sixty-three
Put up a grand new house for us and let the old one fall
For it wasn't up to date enough for a member of the Dáil.

He didn't know A from B me boys he never went much to school
But that's no disadvantage in this country as a rule
He's only a one horse farmer sure that beats them all
Take off your hats to him  me boys he's a member of the Dáil.


One of his trips to Dublin he married a grand young wife
She's one of the finest  girls you ever seen in all your born life
The three of us sleep together and the nearest to the wall
Sometimes she doesn't know which of us is the member of the Dáil.

Oh my brother is a TD me boys my brother is a TD
And when he's up in Dublin there's nothing doin' for me
Last night I jumped in beside her and she began to scream and ball
Get out of that says she young man you're not a member of the Dáil.