My bonnie Irish boy, song

Pat McDaid, singing in English
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His name I often mention in old Ireland he was born
I own I loved him dearly but alas from me he’s gone
He’s gone out to Americay he promised to send for me
But the face of my bonnie Irish boy I can no longer see.

I paid my passage for New York and on arriving there
To seek and find my Irish boy I quickly did prepare
I’ve searched New York and Boston Providence all in vain
But the face of my bonnie Irish boy was nowhere to be seen.

I went to Philadelphia from that to Baltimore
I’ve searched the states of Maryland I’ve searched them o’er and o’er
I prayed that I might find him wherever he may be
But the face of my bonnie Irish boy was nowhere to be seen.

Last night as I lay in my bed I dreamt I was his bride
I dreamt I was on Bluebell Hill as he stood by my side
Gathering primroses like the happy days of yore
When I woke quite broken hearted in that city of Baltimore.

Early one morning a knock came to my door
I knew the voice I knew it was the lad I did adore.
I hurried down to let him in I never felt such joy
When I fell into the arms of my bonnie Irish boy.

It’s now that we are married he’ll ne’er more go to sea
I own I loved him dearly and I’m sure that he loves me
The first young son was called for him it was my heart’s delight and joy
And the picture of his father he’s a darling Irish boy.