The Mulkear River, song

Packie McGonigle, singing in English
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I’ll sing you of a lovely place it’s where I would like to be
It’s where I spent my boyhood days in merriment and glee
Its colleens fair I do declare and it’s with them I would go
And take a ramble round the banks where the Mulkear river flows.

You hills and dales of dark Brack Isle ‘tis amongst you I’d remain
Where I could pass my time away round lovely Castlemaine
Fond memories always take me back to the days long long ago
When I used to ramble round the banks  where the Mulkear river flows.

‘Twas  well I do remember too when in my youth and bloom
I hunted on the mountain side by Cappamore and Doon
By Carrickbeg and Castletown that place you all well know
And Gurtnavalla’s naughty banks where the Mulkear river flows.

And so tonight my comrades brave I will bid you all adieu
And as I pen these last few lines I’ll quickly tell to you
Train up your youth to hunt and shoot with a gun and out to go
And kill the game that still remains where the Mulkear river flows.

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