Moville, song

Paddy Hegarty, singing in English
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The Beaver Brig stands neat and trig all in the month of May
She bent her sail with a pleasant gale all on the raging sea
By her crew she being well manned, her anchor she did sway
So down the Foyle away she bore bound for Americay

The wind that blew from the south east, the weather it was clear
At night when I should slumber I thought all on my dear
These words I said unto myself as I did walk alone
I wish my darling was safe back once more to Inishowen

Moville it is a purty place where fine ships they do lie
And likewise sweet Magilligan where fine ships do sail by
My love she is Diana bright, the girl that I adore
But she left me here in bondage to lament on Erin’s shore

Had I Peru’s or Mexico or even on the Indian shore
I would freely share it with the girl, the girl that I adore
Her name I will not mention though I have it here penned down
And I hope there’s no fond lover who upon these will frown

For the want of pen to move my hand, for learning I need skill
For my rural habitation’s in the centre of Moville

I’ll pull the fairest flower that grows in the month of May
I’ll take three letters of the herb that’s hoist on Patrick’s day
I’ll place those letters carefully, they stand at number four
They’ll spell the name of that fair dame, once sailed from Erin’s shore

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