The Mountjoy Hotel, song

Seamus Doherty (Dobbs), singing in English
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In Dublin’s big town there’s a first class hotel
Where they give board and lodgings to all those big swells
There’s blinds on the windows and bells on the doors
And there’s beautiful carpets laid out on the floors
But the grandest of all and is now in full swing
Is the beautiful building controlled by the queen
I was there once myself and the truth I can tell
There’s no digs in Dublin like the Mountjoy Hotel.

I was met at a train by a porter and bus
And he took me along with a great deal of fuss
I was brought to a room where they took down my name
They asked my address and the reason I came
When I answered those questions a ... rang a bell
I was ordered a bath at the Mountjoy Hotel.

When I got in the bath my blood was now frozen
An attendant he brought me a new suit of clothes
The finish was fine and the pattern grand
And over them all was a beautiful brand
The dinner was served was a glorious feast
It consisted of five or six courses at least
But brandys and liqueurs they made my head swell
I got as drunk as a lord at the Mountjoy Hotel.